Boost Controller Woes (How to install your EBC)

Yep,  if you're here reading this than you're probably staring at a boost solenoid, a wastegate, and some vacuum line. Wondering where all of this crap goes. 

Well, depending on your vehicle you have a few different ways that it can be done. Some styles are just basically a fancy bleed. 

First we are gonna show you how about 90 percent are hooked up. This is generally our go to UNLESS you have a factory style solenoid. Left is External gate and Right is internally gated turbo. This is considered a 3 Port Solenoid. Normally Open or closed. General rule of thumb for spring selection with this solenoid would be 2-3X. IE: 8 lb can make about 24psi. There are exceptions to this rule, just a good starting point.


The following below is a 4 port Boost solenoid. With these you have a tighter resolution unless you skew the frequency of the solenoid. IE : 6 psi spring can make 30+ psi.



This is generally used in a Mass Air Flow style Vehicle, but does not have to be specific to the vehicle. Common on MAZDASPEED/SUBARU/EVO


This is Specific to COBB Boost solenoids with OEM MazdaSpeed Framed Turbochargers as it has dual ports on the wastegate actuator.


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