It has come to our attention, over the last few years that some customers are new to the tuning process, what it entails, what they need and their responsibilities. So, below will be a list of items required for all dyno tunes. If there is any question on if what you have will be an issue feel free to message us on facebook,instagram, or email address.


All vehicles:

Good Battery / Functioning charging system

Fuel - Whatever fuel/ fuels you plan to be tuned on.

Check engine light - NONE,  some CEL's can be disabled, if you have a question about yours PLEASE shoot us a message with yours!

Tires- Preferably a street tire, or a drag radial. Slicks will see some damage on the dyno

Fluids-  Bleed your cooling system, fresh oil+filter, and make sure it has transmission fluid!

Spark Plugs- Correct heat range, with the proper gap for your application. IF you have a concern about your plugs, gap. Shoot us a message before hand.

ALIGNMENT- Make sure your vehicle has a proper alignment, the car will see skewed horsepower numbers, as well as eat the tires quickly.

LEAKS- Make sure the vehicle DOES NOT LEAK fluids.

FOR BOOST- Ensure your boost solenoid, boost controllers are correctly wired up and plumbed properly. If you have a debate if you are doing it correctly we can supply you with the data you need.

BOOST LEAKS/VACUUM LEAKS-  Make sure all connections are secured, clamps, zip ties, gaskets and torqued correctly. This will make sure to keep the tuning session smooth and efficient.

NITROUS USERS- Full Nitrous bottles, correctly wired solenoids, bottle heater and a PRESSURE GAUGE are all things you need to have.








  • I would like to re tune my 2007 Honda S2000 with the Hondata flashpro. I would like to tube it down some in 6 gear, 4K rpm at 75MPH v-tech engagement is at 5600rpm which is awesome, just need a little better fuel efficiency on the highway. Please message me back

  • How much to tune my Gallo 24??

  • My name is Tyler and I recently bought and evo that I need tuned. I was recommended to you guys by Shane W. and was wondering if you have an availability in the next few days?

    Tyler Cole

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