• I had my 93 del sol taken to a different shop, for diagnosing, they got back to me a week later and said it was the computer, or tune, they couldn’t do anything, I took it to ebtec right away, they had it running in less than 2 hours, and decide to do more work, and get a tune to get it back on the road, they worked it out made suggestions replaced some crap worn out parts, and tuned it within a few days. Will go in the future to get a retune, and additional stuff done on the car, not risking going anywhere else.

    Freddie Beasley
  • Contacted ebtec for a remote tune for my turbo K20a2 and since the firts moment they where super helpful, James was super patient and helped troubleshoot some issues with the car to make it work flawlessly. Been dailying the car for a month now and could not be happier with the results. I hope I can do some upgrades and come back for a retune.

  • Technical Expertise/ High Quality work. Delivered an outstanding product and service. constant communication throughout the build process. Provided reasonable solutions for unforeseen problems as well as follow on advice to ensure the car last for a long time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ANY MODIFICATIONS, PARTS, AND TECHNICAL TROUBLESHOOTING.

    J Wesley
  • The guys at EBTEC are without a doubt some of the best in the business. Whether it was tuning, custom fabrication, or finding gremlins that others had given up on; they have never disappointed. Wouldn’t trust my cars with anyone else.

    Taras K
  • James and Jesse do it all and do it well. I did my part by building my car, they took the dream and made it come true. From answering the nitty gritty questions to using their imagination to fab custom parts. My tune is fantastic and the workmanship on my exhaust is also praise worthy. If you haven’t already been to EBTEC, you’re late…and probably slow.


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