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 As busy as ever, supporting the local car enthusiasts. Trying to make purchasing from home a bit easier, a bit more reliable at an affordable price. This weeks work pictures two local evo customers in for some maintenance to keep their vehicles running at full potential. A little late night blog, while adding new products to the website and doing other business related computer tasks. So here is a little drop to give you a little info on EB.

A little about "EBTEC" if you don't personally know us. We are just 2 guys, looking to change the overall experience associated with "automotive" shops. What you get with us is a direct relationship with the guys who are actually spec'ing your builds, and doing the work from the ground up. Combined we have over 20 years of experience in the automotive field. Benefits you have with choosing EBTEC to assist you with your vehicle is the ability to keep all aspects IN HOUSE. This leads to tighter quality control and an overall better end product.






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  • Great service from EBTEC. James went out of his way to sort me out…doesn’t happen often at other shops..

    Pieter Pretorius

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