K-Tuned RBC/RRC Adapter (62/70mm)
K-Tuned RBC/RRC Adapter (62/70mm)

K-Tuned RBC/RRC Adapter (62/70mm)

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Finally the best RBC Adaptor ever created.  The K-Tuned Dual 62/70mm RBC adaptor has a unique press fit 7.5mm ring that allows the use of either a stock 62.5mm throttle body or a larger aftermarket 70mm unit.  If you decide to upgrade to a larger 70mm aftermarket throttlebody later on, simply press out the ring and install the adapter.  This kit comes complete with hardware for both 62.5mm and 70mm throttle bodies, so again it wil work if you decide to upgrade later on.   If you want to go back to stock for whatever reason, press the ring back in and install your oem throttle body. The kit comes complete with all hardware and the RBC gasket, saving you $10 and a trip to the dealer.  The ring has a very snug fit and will not move or leak when installed.  How much better could this kit be?


Key Features:

Adapts the RBC/RRC manifold flange to be used with K20A/A2/A3/Z1 throttle bodies
Designed with a removable 7.5mm ring so that you can upgrade to a 70mm throttle body at anytime
Works with Skunk2 & BDL Performance throttle bodies
Custom CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum
Adapter is anodized for durability
Complete with all hardware
RBC/RRC gasket included